Last year, Aerokart, a popular family entertainment center near Paris, decided to expand and offer guests a whole new adrenaline-filled and immersive experience to compliment its existing kart circuit and skydiving facility.

Jora Vision was asked to develop, design and build a 1000m2 escape room attraction taken to a totally new level: unique in its kind, story-driven and with an increased capacity compared to existing escape rooms.

We developed an immersive experience based on a science fiction story: a space mission — classified TOP SECRET — is to commence very soon, and the French space authority is looking for candidates able to stand up to the challenge.

With fully themed spaces, wild challenges and staff members who stay in character from beginning to end, Aerokart Winscape is sure to provide an unexpected, team-building experience full of fun and excitement.

There are twelve escape rooms, all interconnected. Each offers a different type of challenge, based on physical, sensorial, IQ, reaction and precision games. Running against time, each team has a specific amount of minutes to solve each of the puzzles and move on to the next room. Each player’s performance is monitored and tracked by an interactive system which determines personal and team scores. 

Four different courses can be undertaken, for both adults and children. Players must follow their instincts, and use their best capabilities order to escape this mysterious facility. The more cooperative the team, the quicker it will escape. 

Jora Vision as designer and main contractor, hired MCW / creative agency  for the multimedia technology, audio-video content and show control; Mansveld for computer hardware and InventDesign for overall lighting.

We are proud to have created the world’s first escape room which combines an immersive story, multiple rooms, large capacity, interactive content and even physical challenges — the combination of these elements is unique and usually not found in traditional escape rooms.