What does “Captain Ecki”, a strapping airship pilot during the golden age of dirigible balloons, have to do with a resort near Berlin? The answer lies in a new strategy which Jora Vision helped develop for the covered, lushly green Tropical Islands park. The resulting concept and storyline, “The Adventure of Captain Ecki”, works twofold — on one hand, it makes the guest experience come alive as never before; on the other hand, it forms a solid conceptual base for future expansions of the resort. The translation of the storyline into a comic book, primarily aimed at a younger audience, was a way of introducing the character and story to the public. 

Ecki is born on 2 July 1884 in Berlin, precisely a century after the first dirigible balloon was designed by Joseph-Michel Montgolfier. Although his father hopes he pursues a career as a biologist, he seems to have only one big passion: flying. At a young age, having saved enough money, he builds his own airship in a hangar in the Spreewald. It is at this point that people start calling him Captain Ecki. By 1929, he is famous nation-wide, and he is challenged to fly his best airship around the world. Should he succeed, he will be granted a great amount of money, with which he will finally be able to build his dream airship!

On his way across the globe, Ecki discovers enchanting locations, encounters exotic wonders, but he also has to face peril; mysterious enemies appear intent on thwarting his luck. Luckily, he meets a wise old man who lives in a tree house, and a mischievous little monkey who joins him on his voyage — both of whom will prove pivotal to the captain. Returning to Berlin, Ecki finds himself unable to prove his success. But magically, overnight, something unexpected happens: his hangar turns into a greenhouse to the various tropical plants and animals that seem to come exactly from those places he has visited! That’s the exactly the proof he needs. Ecki is rightfully rewarded and at last is able to build the airship of his dreams. What exciting adventures lie ahead?

The book is available at Tropical Islands for €9.95 and online at www.libri.de or www.amazon.de