A new family entertainment centre (FEC) has opened its doors in Chengdu’s Joy City Mall: the playful and educational Wonderland farm, designed by Jora Vision. Wonderland is a well-known, prize-winning chain of indoor playgrounds with locations throughout China. The premise revolves around the characters of Qiqi and Niuniu, two cheerful pandas dedicated to bringing joy and educating children.

This 2600m2 (27,990 sq. ft) indoor park contains small attractions, custom-made midway games, a soft play area, a kids’ academy, a theater, an arcade area and a restaurant. The activities center around a village named “Dulu Town”, where kids can playfully learn about real-life professions and train their practical skills.

Every Wonderland park has a different theme: Chengdu Wonderland brings the countryside to life with whimsical animals, cartoon-style farms and rustic clapboard houses. Besides designing the general décor, Jora Vision carefully selected the music which enhances the atmosphere of each zone within the park.