For Space Expo Noordwijk, Jora Vision has designed and produced the new temporary exhibition called ’Terug uit de Ruimte’ (Back from Space) which opened on 27th of May. 

"It showcases a selection of a hundred objects which have been in space and retuned to Earth” explains Marco Ruzza, Creative Director at Jora Vision. "Explained from the perspective of our five senses, these special objects tell unique stories. Some of them are personal belongings from Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.”

The exhibit features interactive surprises. Visitors can, for example, smell a piece of meteorite that has landed on Earth, discovering that it smells like rotten eggs. Or, they can see a video — taken in space — in which astronauts show how difficult it is to wash yourself when water flows around the room in small bubbles instead of sticking on your skin. Real space nerds will delight in the fact that a selection of such objects, returned from outer space, are on display for them to touch with their own hands.

The Soyuz space capsule, used by André to land back to Earth in 2012, is exhibited at the end of this temporary exhibition.