On the 4th of June, a first of it’s kind attraction will open at Walibi Belgium. The attraction features a U-shaped shuttle coaster-style track submerged into a lake.

The boats on this multi-launch attraction, build by manufacturer Mack Rides, will reach 100 km/h as they carry on forward an backwards trough the big splash zone between two vertical track spikes.

The last couple of months Jora Vision has been working with their friends from Walibi Belgium and their mother company "Compagnie des Alpes" on the theming parts of this world first Power Splash Coaster Called: Pulsar.

The storyline of this coaster contains a very strong source called “Pulsar", which is trapped in an old warehouse (station building).

In the queue-line, which passes through the station, there are two pre-shows to enthuse the visitors.

In the first pre-show the visitors get to see a wall crumbling, caused by the large amount of energy trying to escape.

In the second pre-show a strange machine contains a mystical giant heart, form which the energy originates.

When the visitor steps into the boat, the energy erupts and drives the boat up to full speed!

This attraction is situated close to the Psyké Underground coaster, which was designed and fabricated by the Jora Vision team in 2013.

Pictures © Walibi Band