Jora Vision provides design and theming for Alterface’s Popcorn Revenge® 

This Spring, Alterface’s first Erratic® Ride featuring its proprietary Popcorn Revenge® IP, opened at Walibi Belgium, a park owned by the French entertainment group Compagnie des Alpes. Jora Vision provided theming design and production for the innovative interactive dark ride.

The story of the attraction starts already in the queue: the Popcorns have come to life and have taken over the cinema. This cinema, called the Grand Maharajah theatre is placed in the Indian inspired zone “Karma World” and has a touch of Bollywood and British Victorian interior styles. Guests of the attraction take place in the vehicles, themed as “Cinema Drive-in Seats” and explore the cinema where they have to eliminate the Popcorns with their caramel shooters. The Popcorns characters have not only invaded the cinema but the movies as well! An out-of-control adventure follows where guests have to prevent the Popcorns from escaping the cinema.

Robin van der Want, Project Development Director at Jora Vision: “With the theming we created for Popcorn Revenge we have proven that you can create a very impressive dark ride experience within limited budgets, as long as you invest in a clever design, smart building method, good integration of lighting and media, and carefully crafted props and decoration. We are proud that after the Thea award winning “Bazyliszek” dark ride and the immersive “Jardin d’Acclimatation” attraction in Paris, we have once again delivered an amazing interactive attraction together with Alterface.”

Popcorn Revenge® is now open at Walibi Belgium.

For more information about this project, the Erratic® Ride or the Popcorn Revenge IP®: visit the Alterface website