Jora Vision collaborates with Alterface on new interactive spinning dark ride concept

During the Asian Attractions Expo (AAE), the international trade show for the attractions industry June 13-16 in Singapore, leading supplier of interactive attractions Alterface will unveil a new and unique ride concept. Popcorn Revenge® will feature a spinning interactive dark ride system. For the design and theming of Popcorn Revenge® , Alterface partnered with Jora Vision. 

Alterface first rolled out its Rotating Theater in 2007, offering an interactive experience with immersive themed scenery within a limited footprint. Now, the second generation of this concept adds a new dimension to the experience. This new "Spinning Interactive Dark Ride" is a creative and innovative solution which fits a complete five-minute attraction into a very small footprint, accommodating up to 600 people per hour. In blocks of 40 seconds, the platform rotates to move each group of eight players through a series of scenes. The theater includes dimensional scenery, large integrated screens, custom media, projection mapping, sounds, dynamic lighting and special effects.

On top of this new ride system, a completely new storyline was developed. In the attraction, riders step into a movie theater with an interesting twist — the popcorn has come to life! The popcorn declare the theater theirs and decide to live outside the bucket, free of any butter and salt. They would like to see an end to movies once and for all, and they will see to it that the theater is destroyed. It is up to the players to save the world of movies, with the help of a special candy dispenser.

For the design and theming of Popcorn Revenge®, Alterface partnered with designer and scenic fabricator Jora Vision. "With Alterface we share a creative vision regarding interactive story-based attractions,” explains Robin van der Want, Project Development Director at Jora Vision. “Interactivity should not be used as an add-on but as a powerful tool to submerge guests into the story. The new Popcorn Revenge® attraction is designed along this philosophy; the queue, signage, ride system, shooting devices, décor around the screens, animatronics… Everything in the ride is synchronized and works together to tell the story of the popcorn characters taking over the theater. We are very proud to work together with Alterface on this innovative dark ride concept.”