Commissioned by the Dutch exhibits developer and producer BRUNS B.V. and in cooperation with the content developer The Unschooled Mind Company, Jora Vision has carried out a complete design for the new Pedagogical and Leisure center at the Park Lelljer Gaart & Sennesraich in Lullange, Luxembourg.

The scope included the interior design of the museum, new hands-on exhibits and the museum's signage. Beside the Science Center, the park includes a restaurant and an outdoor sensory garden. The specific feature of this center is that all members of the staff are people with physical or mental disabilities, involved in targeted programs for social and labour integration.

The visitors of the Science Center have therefore the unique chance of being hosted in the exhibition under the guidance of museum’s employees with different abilities; visitors experience in such way the museum from a different sensorial perspective. Based on this distinct aspect of the museum, the new exhibition has been developed around the five senses, plus the brain (seen as responsible of the senses' correct functioning). When one of our senses does not work properly, this is often seen as a disability (in the case of blindness or deafness for example). The visitor can get in this way the chance of understanding the consequences when one of the senses does not function properly.

In the exhibition spaces, after a short introduction about the brain and its essential role in the coordination of all senses, each of the senses is presented with a ’shop’. This showcases a series of everyday objects which are used to either improve (think of microscope in case of sight or perfumes in case of the smell) or correct the sense when not working as it should (think of contacts lenses or hearing amplifiers). All around the sense's ‘shop’, several hands-on exhibits are available for visitors to discover and learn more about that sense in an interactive and playful way.

On the second floor a smart selection of classis hands-on exhibit form an essential Science Center space where young visitors can freely widen their horizon of knowledge on several subjects and topics in an engaging way.

The visits ends with a slides that takes visitors back downstairs. On June 1st the center officially opened its door with a cheerful ceremony where the Luxembourg Minister of Family Affairs and State Secretary for Tourism took part to the event.