On May 20th, a new ride opened at Furuvik park in Sweden, named Fireball. The roller coaster launches daredevils like a human cannonball in the park’s tallest and fastest roller coaster to date. Fireball is Scandinavia’s first coaster to run forwards as well as backwards and was manufactured by Dutch company Vekoma. Jora Vision designed and produced the scenic decor for the new ride.

The attraction is designed after a “human canonball” daredevil and his traveling show” says Sjors van Roosmalen, the attraction’s Art Director. "The queue and station building were designed with a turn-of-the-century circus esthetic, and dressed with posters and graphics of the performer’s past and future shows. After being shot up in the air, guests find that the tracks disappear into thin air — only to drop backwards for a completely different thrill”.

The attraction marks another collaboration between Parks & Resorts Scandinavia and Jora Vision, having previously worked on projects for Kolmården Zoo and Gröna Lund, including the highly successful World of Bamse at Kolmården Zoo.