Simworx is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and developing 3D/4D Dynamic Dark Rides, as well as other media-based attractions. Jora Vision has over 25 years experience in leisure; designing and building engaging experiences, environments and attractions for clients all over the world. The combined expertise of these companies have now led to a new product; a next generation version of the “Immersive Tunnel”, an attraction that has already proven successful.

Unique features in "The Curse of Blackstorm Bay":

  • An original story concept based on the world of pirates, immersing guests from the queue and pre-show all the way through the main show.
  • Full of humor, action and suspense.
  • There is roof projection within the ride vehicle (on top of the sails).
  • The ride vehicle is not the usual tram or train, but a ship.
  • A real water basin around the ride vehicle helps simulate a journey on the sea.
  • It contains a “Dark Ride Scene” with projections and physical theming as part of the show.

In the attraction guests enter a English Navy fortress, defending its territory, in the Caribbean around 1650, named Blackstorm Bay and learn that the Navy is looking for new recruits. Apparently something mysterious and frightening at sea is causing all new recruits to quit their jobs. Could it be ferocious pirates, or something even more sinister?

Captain Bootneck, a naval commander, is desperate to find new recruits and happy with visitors (of the attraction) accepting the position. With no time to waste, they are asked to join Bootneck and his parrot called Wiggles for patrol duty in a small fleet of ships. After all, he is responsible for defending the seas from plundering pirates and hostile navies.

The trip does not go as planned. During the trip, guests are attacked by pirates, and guests encounter a sea witch which finally transforms into a kraken. An action-packed fight follows, causing our ship to spin, break in two, fly through the air and finally sink into the deep. Another naval ship is almost devoured by the creature!

Captain Bootneck manages to steer the ship from peril and, with the help of his new recruits, return to the safety of the fortress!

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