Walibi Belgium’s Aqualibi water park is about to go through a major transformation. A thorough refurbishment will see an atmospheric update as well as the addition of a children’s water play area. This expansion will bring the water park to a total of 7,000 square meters. 


The makeover was designed by Jora Vision in cooperation with Compagnie des Alpes. Jora Vision previously worked on Walibi Belgium additions including Pulsar, the world’s first powered Splash Coaster, and Psyké Underground, a redressing of a classic Shuttle Coaster. Aiming to enhance the overall experience, Jora Vision proposed a Caribbean theme. Colorful façades, eye-catching props and much additional greenery will turn the park into a tropical paradise.

“We wanted people to feel relaxed and welcome”, says Sjors van Roosmalen, head designer on the project. “We designed a Caribbean town made up of different buildings which look improvised, well-worn and sun-bleached. Furniture is intentionally multi-colored and mismatched. This gives guests a sense of place, and makes the space feel more intimate.” In the middle of the pool, an existing rock formation was redressed. “This centerpiece is visible throughout the pool area, but lacks something exciting. In our concept, a fishing boat has stranded on top of it during a storm. This should function as a fun, memorable visual anchor.”

Besides Aqualibi, the Walibi Belgium theme park is also set to be enhanced as part of a €100M improvements plan, which will see refurbishments and new attractions. By the end of this process, 75 per cent of the park will have been altered. The transformation of Aqualibi started in September and will be completed Spring 2018.